Happy New Year, Everybody! 2016 was an eventful year for us, one where we pushed our limits producing a new 9Tales Told in the Dark every month, as well 8 new Tales from Elsewhere. We also rolled out 9Crimes, and got a little graphic with 9Chews. There were ups and downs, but mostly 2016 provided … [Read more…]

9Tales Told in the Dark #23! Claims its Independence!

Or something like that… Join us July 4th, 2017 for the 23rd 9Tales Told in the Dark, a spooky collection of horror tales, obviously. You should pre-order it here:   We also wanted to take the time to thank all the authors of the 9Tales From Elsewhere series. We have concluded the run of … [Read more…]

Matencera Wolf has a new tale in Phantaxis’ January issue!

Check out Matencera’s new story, ‘More than Just a Barroom Hero,’ published in Phantaxis Science Fiction and Fantasy Magazine, due January 1st 2017. It joins a lot of fantast tales. Link to paperback Link to Ebook Take the time to like Materncera Wolf on facebook HERE to keep up with all the latest tales.