Andrew Knighton offers new Flash Fiction every Friday!

Check out Andrew Knighton’s weekly flash fiction (and catch up on all that you’ve missed: 70+) here: His website is easier:   Having appeared in 9Tales From Elsewhere #6, and the July’s #7 and August’s #8. His work includes  a mix of science fiction, fantasy, steampunk and historical fiction.

S.L. Dixon’s New Novel hits stands May 19th

Constant 9Tales Contributor S.L. Dixon has a new novel out called TRURO TRAP Truro is like any other small town. Folks settle down knowing what to expect from life. They live in bungalows and split-levels. They drive Fords, Hondas and Toyotas. They hope for As on their kids’ report cards, but don’t fuss much over … [Read more…]