ATTENTION: Effective June 1st, 2017 we will not be reading any new submissions. If your story has been submitted prior to June 1st, we will get back to you in the order your story came in. Our reading period will resume Fall 2017. Do not submit until we announce the re-opening. THANKS!


Before you submit read and follow all the directions. We will reject your story without any notification if it does not meet the requirements stated below.

Guidelines last modified*: January 1st, 2017


We primarily publish Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror short stories but we also publish Crime/Mystery and Westerns, a minimum of 1000 words up 15,000 words. We will accept reprints, but they must be identified as such.  We are not too impressed with foul language or erotic tales, your best bet is not to submit something that relies on these elements.



By submitting your story to us you agree to all the terms stated below. Your submission email must contain the following statement (available for copy/paste):

By submitting, I agree that my story upon acceptance will be published digitally once, and may become eligible for a single print publication in a themed or best of collection in the future. By submitting I am also waiving my first time publishing rights (if not a reprint) for no financial incentive, which will rule this story out of other publications that may not accept reprints. I agree that a token payment of (1) PDF copy of the release containing my story will be provided upon release, and will not be shared or duplicated. I also state that the work submitted is my original content and I hold all the necessary rights to the story and will retain the right to have the story reprinted elsewhere anytime following publication. I understand that my story may appear in an edited form, and accept that it may be changed for grammar, clarification, and content.


1. SUBJECT LINE:  In the Subject line, include your last name (or pseudonym), title of story, genre, and word count.  EXAMPLE:  Anderson-The Clowns-Horror- 2300

*** use upper and lower case. All Upper Case appears to be confusing our system (10/27/15).

The Genres you may choose from: FANTASY, HORROR, SCI-FI, WESTERN. CRIME,  or SCI-FI/HORROR .  If it is a western with horror or science fiction elements, label it as Horror or Sci-Fi.



1. FORMAT: we accept .doc, .docx, .rtf, & .txt  ATTACHED TO THE EMAIL ONLY, DO NOT SEND A LINK TO DOWNLOAD FROM ANOTHER SITE.  You must follow the formatting guidelines below.

 2. FONT: Times New Roman and Arial only.

3. READ THIS:   Do NOT use the ‘spacebar’ to indent the first line of your paragraphs. Do NOT use tab either.  In Microsoft Word you can set the paragraph options to indent the first line. This is acceptable. Otherwise DO NOT INDENT THE FIRST LINE OF YOUR PARAGRAPH.   We know this looks ugly but we will take the time to adjust the look of your story prior to reading it.


We can read ITALICS and BOLD just fine. If your style requires the use of these go ahead and present it as you would like to see it printed. DO NOT UNDERLINE or mark the text in any way other than how you would like it to appear in its final version.


At this time, we are no longer offering any financial payment for the rights of your story. We will over (1) PDF copy of the ebook at time of publication. In the future, we may adjust our pay scale. But we will also offer payment on any special calls for submissions, so please check this page for what we are currently looking to create.


If you follow all of these guidelines we will receive your story and respond within 2 weeks time during our normal reading periods. If these steps are not followed we reserve the right to move your story to a slush pile and respond at our leisure which may be anywhere from 4 weeks to twenty-three years or never.


Look over our checklist to be sure:

1.  Is the Rights Agreement included in your email?

2. Is your email subject line formatted correctly: LAST NAME -TITLE-GENRE-WORD COUNT

3. Is your story correctly formatted? Did you remember to add an author bio or link to personal website where readers can follow you at the end of your text?

4. Did you attach your story in the appropriate file format?

5. Are you prepared to be patient?

Now send your email to: editor at bride of chaos . com (no spaces and use @ between editor and bride–being complicated to ward of spammer bots and their drones)


*previous guidelines available upon request for authors with story submissions accepted prior to January 1st, 2017