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Can I submit a novel?

No. We will not accept a novel or a partial for payment.

We will consider publishing first chapters by authors who have previously appeared in our ebooks. We do not offer any payment for this, and you must clear the rights for us to publish the chapter with your agent/publisher if you are not the sole right owner.


But so-and-so has a novel/novella/serial/short story collection published by Bride of Chaos…

It is true. Bride of Chaos publishes many formats, however this is not the forum for submitting anything other than the stories detailed in our submission guidelines.


There are 9Tales collections of Single Authors, How do I get one of those?

Solo editions of 9Tales are self-published by the author being spotlighted. They have achieved several requirements and permission to use our brand. Requirements start at having had at 9 stories published by 9Tales in the past, please email the editor for instructions and additional details. In the past, we also ran an AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT PROGRAM that is no longer available.


Can I submit artwork for my story?

Please do not submit any artwork with your submission. We do not pay for artwork and are not likely to include it in a release.


Where can I buy a copy in paperback?

You can’t. We are a Green Industry. We use as little paper as possible in all our dealings.


Why am I being sent a copy of my story?

Between the time of accepting your story and publishing we may have found errors or content that should be corrected. A review copy is only sent when we have made a change to the actual text (not formatting). Please review the copy and either resubmit with additional changes, or reply that the changes are acceptable.


You used to…. (insert a past experience)…

As we have evolved, we have continued and will continue to alter our submission guidelines and payment structures. Always check the submissions page before submitting a story. The Updates are always noted at the top, detailing when the new guidelines begin.


There’s an error in the finished ebook…

Let us know immediately, while the actual fix may take a couple of days, we can initiate the change in minutes of receiving notification. It is in our best interest and yours to continually update the digital copy to provide the best version possible.


Can I promote the book on… (twitter, facebook, etc…)

Please. As an exposure market, it’s in your best interest to help your story and the stories of your peers to reach as many readers as possible. We just ask that you respect the works of your peers. Please do not single out stories that you do not like. Any issues with the actual ebook should be presented to the editors.


Will you link to my ebook, website, blog, social networking, etc. in the release?

You are welcome to submit any additional means of contact that you would not mind any reader having. We would recommend that you do not share email addresses or private social networking accounts. It is best to have a separate author page. We may not always include the link because of time constraints, however, after publication, you are welcome to remind us and we can always add it back in.

Also, if you have a new release of any kind with any publisher, feel free to let us know. We would like to continue to promote past authors. On occasion we’ll update our website and social networking pages with what our past authors are up to. We will never ask you for any money and guarantee no results from our promotion.



Can I submit more than one story at a time?

Only if they are in two separate genres (i.e. horror and science fiction). Be aware that multiple submissions may appear in the same release, or additional accepted submissions may linger as they await space in a future release.


If there are 2 authors who wrote a story do we get double the payment?

Nope. The payment is for 1 submission, not per author involved. We will also only send payment to one paypal account.


What’s the difference between 9Tales Told in the Dark, 9Terrors, 9Tales at the World’s End, etc…?

While 9Tales Told in the Dark is our ‘flagship’ if you will, we have other releases, often based on themes and a desire to expand our readership. Please check out our list of themes that we may be looking for currently. Your story may match that theme, but may still appear in another release at our discretion. We prefer to place stories where we think they will be best suited. Often times, because of the specific nature of these themed issues it may take longer than normal to collect a suitable amount of stories for publication. Please inquire if you feel your story’s publication is long overdue and we will update you on the status.


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