We dare you to keep up with Andrew Knighton…

Andrew Knighton’s ‘To Measure the Heavens’ is due to appear in the anthology Steampunk Universe, currently being kickstarted here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/stevensaus/steampunk-universe-a-fully-diverse-steampunk-antho Steampunk Universe is an anthology by Alliteration Ink, publishers of the award-winning Steampunk World. The focus is on disabled and aneurotypical characters leading the way in steam-powered worlds. It promises to provide a variety of … [Read more…]

Andrew Knighton has landed on Triptych Tales

Check out another free story over at Triptych Tales…. CLICK HERE: http://triptychtales.net/habits.html A near future story of addiction and a quest for justice, and did we mention it’s free?   Don’t for get to check out his website: http://andrewknighton.com/ for even more stories!