Uxoricide by BOB MCNEIL available for a free reading!

Bob McNeil has a new horror short story that’s up for a free read here: https://deadmanstome.wordpress.com/2016/06/08/uxoricide-by-bob-mcneil/   His Story A FINAL CALL TO OURSELVES appeared in 9Tales Told in the Dark #11 available here for many dollars… https://www.amazon.com/9Tales-Told-Dark-11-ebook/dp/B01BKKS2J4

S.L. Dixon’s New Novel hits stands May 19th

Constant 9Tales Contributor S.L. Dixon has a new novel out called TRURO TRAP Truro is like any other small town. Folks settle down knowing what to expect from life. They live in bungalows and split-levels. They drive Fords, Hondas and Toyotas. They hope for As on their kids’ report cards, but don’t fuss much over … [Read more…]

9Tales Author Ed Ahern received and Honorable Mention for his collected short stories!!

Ed Ahern has recently received Honorable Mention from the Connecticut Press Club for his collected fairy and folk tales, The Witch Made Me Do  It, from Gypsy Shadow Press. His collected fantasy and horror stories  Capriciousisions  includes the stories published at Nine Tales  and will be launched this fall by Gnome on Pig Publications. Check out and keep up … [Read more…]