‘Taking a Break’ 2016 Edition: For All Story Submissions

9talelinkkologoEFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY (10/27) : We are no longer accepting submissions to be considered under our 2016 guidelines, rights and payments. It is best you wait until the new year and review our new requirements at that time.  And with great apologies to all the authors who have submitted stories this week, we have gone through the stories on a first come/first served basis, and have filled all available spots in the remaining 2016 releases.



Attention all Authors:  We will be taking a break from reading submissions beginning November 1st, 2016 through January 1st, 2017. All submissions received after October 31st, 2016 will not be read until the start of the New Year.


We found this break during the holiday season to be extremely beneficial last year and look forward to it again this year. During this period we will be considering changes to our submission guidelines, which may or may not include content, payment, rights, and response times. Please note that any submission received after October 31st 2016 will be considered for these new guidelines—so it may be in your best interest to hold off and see if any of our changes are not to your liking. This is not meant to discourage submissions, again, they are welcome, but we will not respond until 2017.


All stories accepted prior to, but not published by October 31st, will maintain our original 2016 submission guidelines/payment/rights. Unless we specifically request permission to use the new guidelines with author individually.


We wish you all the best for the remainder of 2016, it has certainly been educational for us and we at Bride of Chaos look forward to your stories and continuing to grow the 9Tales brand in a way that represents our authors in the best way possible.


-A.R. Jesse, Editor at Bride of Chaos

September 22nd, 2016