Happy New Year, Everybody! 2016 was an eventful year for us, one where we pushed our limits producing a new 9Tales Told in the Dark every month, as well 8 new Tales from Elsewhere. We also rolled out 9Crimes, and got a little graphic with 9Chews. There were ups and downs, but mostly 2016 provided us with clarity on how we would like to move forward.

You can read all the new submission guidelines HERE (and should if you are planning on submitting).

But for those of you who are just browsing, the biggest change is that we will no longer be paying for (all) stories. For the most part, our token payment will be reduced to a PDF copy of the ebook. But if you check the submissions guidelines page regularly, we will have special themed issues that we will be paying to fill. Payment on stories will vary based on the issue.

We will review our payment policies throughout the year and will reserve the right to change them. So please keep checking back, even if the new change has disappointed you today.

We are also attempting to open the floodgates on art submissions. More to come…

And finally, in our effort to improve 9Tales and all our other publications, we now have an email address specifically for that. Please let us know of anything at all you would like to see different:

Again, if you are going to submit, please read and abide by all of our submissions policies. The new guidelines are effective immediately, and as warned, all submissions received after October 31st, 2016 are subject to these new guidelines—however we will reach out to all authors to confirm their agreement before reading or accepting.

Thank you all for taking this journey with us.