We dare you to keep up with Andrew Knighton…

Andrew Knighton’s ‘To Measure the Heavens’ is due to appear in the anthology Steampunk Universe, currently being kickstarted here:

Steampunk Universe is an anthology by Alliteration Ink, publishers of the award-winning Steampunk World. The focus is on disabled and aneurotypical characters leading the way in steam-powered worlds. It promises to provide a variety of fascinating stories from authors including Ken Liu, as well as increasing the diversity of voices in sf+f.
Also,¬† “Steel and Steam” is about to appear in the anthology Ghosts, Gears and Grimoires, due to be released by Mocha Memoires Press on 27th October. It’s an anthology of steampunk horror stories.¬†Knighton’s story explores what happens when an industrial digging machine rips more than expected out of the rich dirt of colonial Africa.